Building Brighter Futures

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Building Brighter Futures is a project to help improve physical health & wellbeing, financial wellbeing and increase employability across Wolverhampton. Funded by the Premier League Charitable Fund and City of Wolverhampton Council, the project provides local support for members of the community who need it most.

Healthy eating, nutrition and exercise

A healthy body and mind are key to your wellbeing.

We are delivering a broad range of physical activity across the city, including a wide-range of sports and exercise. This includes fitness groups/classes as well as recreational, social and informal sports. Participants will also receive light-touch support with healthy eating and nutrition including meal planning.

For more information about physical activity and nutrition and to get involved, please contact

Financial advice and support

We provide 1-1 consultation and financial wellbeing support for adults aged 18+. Support is available around the cost of living, budgeting, benefits awareness, housing and employability support. Working closely with local partners on referrals and signposting, we offer a wrap-around cost-of-living support to support you in making your money go further.

For more information on our financial support and to get involved, please contact

Career guidance and development

Working with the 18-24 age group, we provide workshops and 1-1 mentoring for those not in education, employment or training (NEET) in the city. Workshops will focus on career guidance, skill development, personal development and interpersonal management skills with signposting towards further education and training. We will work with key Wolverhampton employers such as MOOG, UTC Aerospace and Jaguar Landrover to highlight further employment opportunities including apprenticeships.

Building Brighter Futures also supports older adults, including workshops around IT literacy, improving a CV and confidence building.

For more information on career guidance and to get involved, please contact