One Pack One Planet: Foundation allotment produce feeding Molineux

One Pack One Planet: Foundation allotment produce feeding Molineux Image

One Pack One Planet – that’s the message for tonight’s fixture with Manchester United, with the club shining a light on their key commitments to environmental sustainability.

It’s a project which Wolves Foundation have become heavily involved in, and the proof in the pudding – almost literally – will be on show at this evening’s game.

And that’s because a range of produce grown at a local allotment by participants on the Foundation’s Head 4 Health project, under the guidance of Wolves head chef Luke Hitchins and the club’s catering partners Levy, will be part of the food served up to customers in hospitality.

The allotment in Heath Town has become a popular part of Head 4 Health, offering adults the chance to get together and grow their own food as part of the initiative which aims to improve mental health via workshops and physical activity.

“The main aim of Head 4 Health is to help people with their mental health, but, with the allotment, they are also involved in a project which has an end result,” says Luke.

“We have seen participants who might be a bit shy and quiet when they first come along to then really coming out of their shell and, within a few weeks, they are talking about their experiences and the issues they have faced.

“Coming to the allotment is a happy part of their day, and growing the fruit and vegetables gives them something really positive to aim for.

“We call it full circle, because they have come along to Head 4 Health with the Foundation but are now contributing back with the aim of getting this food into the stadium to be enjoyed by Wolves fans.

“And what we’ve also been able to do is plan our menus so we can use every single piece of the fruit and vegetables, which helps reduce wastage.”

The Head 4 Health allotment project, which contributed some potatoes for the hospitality menu for the home game with Brighton at the start of the season, is one of several ways in which the Foundation is aiming to contribute to One Pack One Planet.

Health and wellbeing manager Rachel Smith is also Sustainability Lead for the Foundation, including heading up a group of staff which looks at how the charity can be more sustainable both within their office space but also across different projects and initiatives.

Rachel also sits on Wolves’ One Pack One Planet steering group, alongside representatives from throughout the club, again sharing ideas for improvement, whilst all Foundation staff have undergone training from ‘Final Third’, a company focused on people-driven environmental stability in the sport and education sectors.

The Foundation’s Feed Our Pack campaign incorporated redistributing food and other items thanks to a link-up with HIS Church, whilst students from St Edmund’s Catholic Academy on the Premier League Inspires programme earned national recognition for an innovative project focused on recycling.

As their response to the challenge of ‘how to protect the planet’, the students came up with the concept of using plastic bottles and cups used on a matchday to turn them into training tops.

“It is all about looking at the issue of sustainability and seeing how best we can embed it across all the work that we do,” says Rachel.

“We have already seen some substantial progress across many different areas of the Foundation’s delivery, and the success of the allotment project has shown just how different strands of our work can come together to such positive effect.”

"Of course it’s so important to give back to the community and Wolverhampton as a whole. It's great to be here and to show our support."

Maximilian Kilman | Wolves Captain and Foundation Ambassador

"As a lifelong Wolves fan, to represent the Club and Foundation is something I'll cherish forever."

Daz James | Wolves Disability FC

"Without Wolves Foundation I wouldn't be here today, that's for certain."

John Martin | Head 4 Health participant

"It is amazing to be out there meeting people and having some fun. It is really important for Wolves to have this connection with the fans and to see the happiness in their faces."

Toti Gomes | Wolves Defender

"Savannah absolutely loves the group. The staff are committed to making every single session fun and welcoming."

Natasha | Healthy Goals parent

"It’s special because it's my club and I’m so proud to be from Wolves as well. I can see the projects and all the work Wolves Foundation are doing and I know it makes such an impact, so to even be a little part of that and to help out where I can – it's so exciting."

Amber Sandhu | Broadcaster and Foundation Ambassador

"It’s huge for the school, I can’t speak highly enough of Wolves Foundation and the opportunities that they give us."

Mr Robinson | Woodsetton School

“I think all football clubs should be the beating heart of their communities and Wolves, through the Foundation, manages to do that."

Johnny Phillips | Sky Sports Presenter and Foundation Ambassador

"We get loads of different opportunities with a Premier League club. I feel really privileged to be a part of it."

Mustafa | Football & Education College Academy student

"Frank has Alzheimer’s Disease and when he was first diagnosed we felt lost and alone. Attending Molineux Memories is a lifeline for both of us; it is run by friendly, committed staff who ensure that everyone is included and enjoys themselves."

Frank and Alison | Molineux Memories

"To come here and be hands on with the kids is unreal. Working with Wolves and the Foundation is a blessing and I'm honoured. It feels surreal sometimes but it's the best feeling."

S-X | Music Producer and Foundation Ambassador

"It's good to give back what you got. Football and the Wolves Foundation help me, so I like to help the community."

Taye | Premier League Kicks

"Wolves is a fantastic football club, and they’re excelling off the pitch as well with all the brilliant community work that the Foundation does. The passion of the coaches and the opportunities to play are amazing."

Jack Rutter | Former Great Britain Paralympian and Foundation Ambassador

"Wolves has definitely helped my personal development, but now also helps me to develop people I work with. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the opportunities Wolves Foundation have given me."

Carl Ackasovs | Wolves Foundation

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